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"Nice work, Iā€™m sure a lot of weavers will find this useful. Keep it up"

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Current version is 1.25 - All updates are free forever

Save time

Choosing the right font for your website project can be tedious. Finding a good combination of readable, beautiful type? Even harder. No more!


Anyone of these 20 different Google Font combos will dramatically change the text styling of your project. A perfect way of remixing your current Foundation based websites with very few steps. Or the perfect way to start a new one.

Quick start guides

How to use

Drag and drop anyone of the 20 different Site Styles stacks included in this package into your own RapidWeaver Foundation pages. Best of all, everything is editable, if you don't like the sizes that I have chosen for you - just change them!

Power of Partials

Because the styles are saved as Partials you'll have them very neatly organized inside the Partials tab in Stacks 3 once you have dragged them into your project.

Laser focus

I have included all available font weights per font, so you can really focus on what matters: making your website amazing.
Everything else in Site Styles besides the fonts has been untouched, so you'll feel right at home.

Endless re-use

Use these pre-made typographically perfect site styles again again on all of your future or current Foundation-based websites. Talk about usability

Twice the size


All the font pairings now come in two sizes, Regular and XL. Do you like your fonts big? šŸ‘ Rejoice! Perfect for your blog pages, be proud of your own words.